What is this?

Welcome to DeathRace 2000, operated by Silicon SmartGuy Studios (S3) in conjunction with 3-Minute Roast. As with most high-tech pundits, we take pleasure at the expense of people who are going out of business. In this case, the businesses are Slate, Wired Digital (formerly HotWired), and Snap! Online - three online media companies that have suffered recently from layoffs.

Each horse represents one of the companies. As something goes wrong, the horse will move closer to the "Finished Line" and its glue factory. If something surprises us and actually goes right, the horse will move back. You can click on the arrows, which represent milestones in company history, or simply good anecdotes about layoffs, corporate shenanigans, or faulty business strategies. Most of these anecdotes come from the participants themselves, which is even funnier.

If you'd like to contribute, we'd be happy to add your information, as long as it comes from a semi-reliable source. Check back every week, and we'll update the race. May the sickest horse win!

- DeathRace 2000 Racemasters